Dan Livengood, FP-C, EMTP

Dan has been a firefighter/paramedic for 27 years. In 2002, Dan became flight paramedic. He continued working as a firefighter, which gives him a unique perspective of prehospital medicine. He has a passion for teaching, and has become a mentor to those that know him. Dan has been teaching cadaver labs for over 5 years, and knows how to bring the real life scenarios to the lab. 

Holly Ilg BSN, CEN, CFRN

Holly started her career as a paramedic in 2002 working on a private ambulance, then worked for several years on the trauma team at a level 1 trauma center. In 2009, she started a new career as a flight paramedic. She left flying in 2013 after going to the dark side and obtaining her nursing degree. In 2016, she returned to Life Flight Network as a Certified Flight Nurse. Her varied experience as a paramedic, as well as a flight nurse with a background in the ICU and emergency department, gives her a well-rounded perspective on prehospital medicine.